About this Blog

About this Blog
Ok, so I’m 44, I love my food and I’m a very keen amateur cook. I’ve been on every diet I can think of...the F Plan, Weightwatchers, Atkins, low GI, Dukan and a host of others....the result? I’m gradually gaining about a stone in weight every 3 or 4 years. My base weight has risen from about 13 stones in 1992, to 14 stones in 1996, to 15 stones in 2000, 16 stones in 2004 and now 17 stones since 2008. These are the base weights around which my fad diets have operated...losing a stone, gaining 2, losing 2, gaining 1. This is a typical yoyo diet cycle.

So this blog is about the antithesis of that and is the anti-diet diet. But I still would like to be healthier, lose weight and eat tasty food. A tall order.
Most of these fad diets didn’t work for me because of the starve/binge cycle...I felt so deprived on most of them that when I ever fell off the wagon, I binged twice as much as I did before I started.
Recently I’ve been cooking quite a lot more, experimenting with new techniques and recipes, learning more about ingredients and have come to the realisation that whilst I don’t want to go on a diet in the typical sense, I want to make a life-style change that for me, as a food lover, is sustainable for the rest of my life. Can I actually lose weight without going on a diet? There is only 1 hard and fast rule to this – No food or beverage items are banned.
In this blog, I’m really going to be talking about nice food I've cooked or eaten, restaurants I've been to, times when I've ignored being healthy and what tasted great and try and mix in some healthy stuff as I work out how to lose weight without dieting. So its a foodie blog with a healthy twist, sometimes!