Monday, 4 July 2011

Mediterranean Sunday Lunch

I think we all loved yesterday's sunny weather. I'm not into tennis or hurling so instead, we set up the canopy and table outside, opened a bottle of rose, lots of sparkling water, warm crusty bread and I made...

Two types of Alioli
Smoked Paprika and plain roasted garlic. I love roasting a whole bulb of garlic in the oven with maldon and good olive oil and then squeezing out the mushy smokey garlic. Considering the healthy option, I went pretty easy on tbhis stuff!

Mini Paella, Pan fried Squid
I just left a fish stock with saffron and smoked paprika to infuse for a couple of hours, sweated an onion and some garlic and made the paella risotto style. Quickly pan fried the squid with some chilli flakes

Wild Salmon, Saffron potatoes, Samphire and Asparagus
Beautiful wild Irish salmon...leave well enough alone I say. The saffron potatoes and alioli made it seem very Mediterranean though.

and my son loved it too!!

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