Saturday, 2 July 2011

Martijn Kajuiter Night

So tonight I cooked 3 dishes from the Cliff House Hotel Ardmore cookbook...3 very clever and extremely tasty dishes from head chef  Martijn Kajuiter. I've got to give big kudos to my friend @ConalM who introduced me to this food.

All of these are what I would describe as healthy food. In the first course, I didn't use cream as per the recipe and just used full fat milk instead. It was delicious.

1st Course - Wild Mushroom Bread and Butter Pudding, Baked Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Oil and Micro Greens

2nd course - Scallops with Asparagus 3 ways...boiled, tempura and in a jelly, with a scallop roe foam, some prawn dust as seasoning

3rd Course - Strawberry Plate - Strawberry Shot with Mint foam, Stawberry tempura on a chocolate paint, Strawberry sorbet with dehydrated strawberry slices, marinated strawberries in balsamic and black pepper, strawberries in caramel.

Yvonne (my wife) loved this meal. We had a bottle of Sancerre to go with it and the whole thing was lovely. I would say that the recipes were very good but they do assume a certain base knowledge...not for beginners!!

I just loved the ideas. I've discovered Soy Lechitin. I normally just use gelatine and a nitro canister...this is a good new technique. The agar agar asparagus jelly was also very good, it worked very well and was easy to handle.

Myself and Yvonne will grab a weekend in the Cliff House this Autumn, can't wait to try....and I hope I get to meet Martijn, a real food hero.

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