Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Day 2 - Smoked Mackrel for lunch

Ok, so that was one of the tastiest lunches I've had in work for ages. I used to get a sandwich from a great local deli called McCabes.. good value in comparison to other places as well...€3 for a basic sandwich, €3.80 for home cooked rare roast beef and 3 salads. But, the bread's too nice & thick, I'd always get coleslaw and I'd get a bag of crisps as well, way too many calories. And anyway, €3.80 times 5 days equals €19 a week on lunches, plus the crisps and never mind the 8 or 9 coffees at €1.70 a pop...I digress.

Last night I spent 15 minutes making up a lovely salad of watercress, rocket, organic beetroot, celery, tomatoes, fennel, radish, a spoonfull of pureed avocado and some smoked mackrel. Dressing was just a table sppon of olive oil, some red wine vinegar, dijon, dash of honey, salt and pepper. I had one slice of wheaten bread. I brought the bits in seperately and assembled in work....ok, so my photography via blackberry doesn't show it off to it's best, and the avocado was partly rescued from the slightly brown stage but it was bloody nice!

Had porridge again for breakfast, a few blueberries thrown on top. Suppose I better keep track of the cost of all of this as well...I wonder how much eating healthy and tasty will cost versus convenience and calories.

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